In April 2019, the UAE government introduced its Economic Substance Rules. These new laws ensure that companies registered in the country, both onshore and free zone-based, that carry out relevant activities are appropriately active – and investing – in the country. The rules were introduced further to international scrutiny concerning non-domiciled directors using the UAE’s…(Continue Reading)

Doing business in the UAE is easy. It ranks 16th globally in the World Bank’s current Ease of Doing Business rankings, which places the country in the top 10% in the world. With low costs, an attractive tax situation and minimal time investment required, the process of setting up in the UAE is easy as…(Continue Reading)

UAE free zones offer a lot. Fast, affordable setup. Quick and easy visas. 0% corporate and personal tax. The list goes on. But why not look to find the perfect UAE free zone for your new business? You can still enjoy a strategic location with great road and air links while saving on labour costs…(Continue Reading)

Foreign business people the world over are attracted to the UAE as a destination. Chinese nationals are no exception. Setting up and running your company is easier in the UAE and locating here unlocks new international markets that are harder to reach. Opening a business in the UAE is a sound strategic decision that ticks…(Continue Reading)

The UAE is an extraordinarily popular location for Indian business people setting up and operating a company. A straightforward setup process, welcoming business culture, and vast opportunity to tap into the Middle Eastern market make it a clear choice. But that’s not all. Indian businesspeople could be looking at making considerably more money for the…(Continue Reading)