As a business owner, your foremost priority after setting up a business is to scale it.

Although the internet has made its mark in helping businesses go global, there is always the need for an offline presence to flourish your business to the rest of the world.

If you are from India, Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, an ideal location to set up your global center would be the UAE, without a doubt.

Why UAE?

• Easy accessibility: Strategically located midway between the Far East and Europe, and between the CIS Countries and Africa, the UAE is well-connected to almost any part of the globe.

• Stable government: The pro-business vision of the UAE leadership and the fast-growing cosmopolitan environment have been major factors in attracting foreign investment.

• A transparent legal system, tax exemptions, exchange rate stability, and excellent logistics: These factors encourage trade and make it easy to set up or expand your business in and across the Emirates.

These are just a few among the numerous reasons behind the prosperous developments of the Emirates.

These factors will not only help you set up your business at an ideal location but also help you scale it for your global expansion plans.

The next obvious question is where to set up your business in the UAE!

If you have an Emirati partner, who owns more than 51% of your business, you can set up your business at any location across the UAE Mainland.

In this case, you and your partner will have to bear the cost of infrastructure, logistics, and so on.

If you are looking at 100% ownership, free trade zones are your best option.

There are over 43 free zones in the UAE, which accommodate over 25,000 business units!

Why free zones?

• 100% foreign ownership

• No corporate or personal income taxes

• Full repatriation of funds

• No currency restrictions

• No import or export duties and taxes

If you have decided on setting up your business in a free zone, there are a few things that you need to consider:

– Ease of setting up a business

– Cost of setting up a business

– Strategic location

– Growth rate

– Government support

– Tax benefits

– Currency and employment restrictions

– Infrastructure

– Accessibility

Out of the 43 free zones, UAQ FTZ has emerged as one of the fastest-growing, with a lucrative set of benefits for business owners, in terms of ease and cost of business.

UAQ FTZ is one of the oldest Free Trade Zones in U.A.E, which was established in 1987 and has been growing exponentially ever since.

Currently serving more than 7,000 business units, UAQ FTZ (Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone Authority) has been recognized as one of the most investor-friendly free zones in the Middle East.

Entrepreneurs from countries like India, the UK, France, CIS region, Africa, and Asian countries have a major share of their businesses in UAQ FTZ.


• Cost-saving options for entrepreneurs and manufacturers

A company can be set-up from as low as USD 5428, including one visa cost.

• Easy access to the UAE’s major seaports and airports.

UAQ FTZ is less than 45 minutes’ drive from Dubai International Airport and less than 20 minutes’ drive from Sharjah International Airport.

The free zone also offers proximity to Ahmad Bin Rashid Port – UAQ which is managed by Hutchison Ports – the world’s leading port investor, developer and operator.

It is an hour’s drive from Jebel Ali Port Dubai and 30 minutes’ drive from Khalid Port Sharjah.

The connectivity to multi-lane superhighways, like E 11, E 311, and E 611 that connect the GCC countries and all emirates in the UAE, is also another major advantage for business owners.

In addition to the other benefits, UAQ FTZ offers:

a. Flexibility and ease of doing business

b. Customer-friendly attitude

c. Cost-effective leasing options for office space and warehousing

d. Other excellent investment opportunities

e. Modern and pro-investor rules and regulations

Along with all these benefits, UAQ FTZ also offers

a. Pre-built warehouses

b. State-of-the-art executive offices and co-working spaces with flexible lease terms

c. Labor and staff accommodation

d. A ready-built road network and utilities infrastructure

e. Integrated zoning and clustering

f. Tailored technology and infrastructure solutions

The UAQ government is making sure that your business will fare well through these unmatched incentives to boost entrepreneurship.

If you are planning to scale to a global presence at affordable prices, and also to have access to the finest business infrastructure and support, UAQ FTZ is your best choice.

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