Combating coronavirus: Have your house disinfected for free in UAE

Here is good news for Emirati nationals who want to get their houses disinfected for free in Umm Al Quwain. They just have to give a call to the civil defence department at 067067171 and the rest will be taken care of.

The department announced about the innovative initiative on its official Instagram account.

A top officer with the UAQ Civil Defence Department said that the move is in line with the ongoing preventive measures to curb Covid-19 pandemic.

Col Dr Salem bin Hamdah, director-general of the UAQ Civil Defence Department, said the new drive is part of the national sterilisation programme. "It will take effect from the beginning of June." Emirati nationals just need to call this phone number 067067171, he underlined. "Our well-trained teams will carry out the entire sanitisation operation."

Col Hamdah said the one-month initiative is targeting the houses of Emirati nationals.

"Our teams, comprising a huge number of volunteers, will be focusing on the yards, stores and gardens of the houses," he pointed out, noting that the family head or landlord must be present during the disinfection exercise.

The service, meant to check Covid-19 and reduce patients to zero, is totally free, he said. "Safe and eco-friendly materials are used in the disinfection operation."

Col Bin Hamda added that his teams have actively participated in the national disinfection programme. "Up to 90 per cent of the targeted areas have been disinfected," he said. "Robots have been used in the sanitisation process."

Mahmoud Hassan, a Jordanian resident, said this initiative will help stymie any possible spread of the Covid-19 cases.

"The authorities are not waiting to detect Covid-19 patients. They are rather tracking and eliminating the lethal virus wherever it might be," he said, hoping that the initiative will cover the houses of other interested residents as well.

Marwan Abdullah, an Emirati national, said this is a more effective way to fight back the pandemic.

"This virus cannot keep us locked down forever. We need to resume our regular life," he said, urging the department to focus more on labour camps.

"These places are mostly crowded and need to be given priority in the disinfection operation to ensure not only workers' safety but also the wellbeing of the entire community."