Want to set up an online business at reduced risk? The Science is Simple. Start with a Smart E-commerce License.

Clearly, virtual markets are rocking global sales these days and many of you might be in the process of transitioning your physical business into the online space. Even for new entrants into e-commerce, there’s never been a better time to start.  Global market trends demonstrate that the lines between physical and digital businesses are blurring fast as digitally native businesses go offline and legacy businesses venture into e-tailing.

Right at the start of your journey, you need to prioritise cost without compromising on professionalism.

But first things first; you need to invest in a smart e-commerce licence, and what better choice could you have than UAQ Free Trade Zone license which offers you a host of benefits!

Stay Compliant
Just because your business doesn’t have a physical office, it does not mean that you can sell online without licensing. Retail businesses would need a license to legally complete transactions. The UAQ Free Trade Zone e-commerce license helps you follow regulations at the most affordable start-up cost.

Build Credibility
For those of you who think you can sell online by just creating a website or app, you couldn’t be more wrong. A proper e-commerce business license and permit like the UAQ Free Trade Zone e-commerce license is vital to building credibility.

Cost-to-benefit ratio
A start-up friendly e-commerce license that helps you build your online brand does not burn your pockets.Adopt an asset-light business model with the best value-for-money e-commerce license in the UAE from UAQ Free Trade Zone.

Higher Margins & Better Cash flow

You don’t want to run out of funds in your first year of business. The lower setting up and running costs will help you go risk-free and concentrate on better things like selling your idea, building a robust product or service and keeping your customers happy.

Operate from anywhere in the world

As ours is an international free zone, you can run your business from anywhere in the world with the UAQ Free Trade Zone e-commerce license. To engage in cross-border e-commerce or just sell in UAE, we are your best partner.

Great Scalability
When you are starting out, you probably don’t want to spend a lot on purchasing office supplies and equipment, as well as rent physical office space inside of a building; not to mention the maintenance fees. Build your business virtually, and then graduate to getting an office or warehouse at our free zone. We are a one-stop-shop for all your business needs.

Great for Logistics

A strategic location with superb road infrastructure, proximity to one of the most important seaports in GCC and great air connectivity makes our location a logistics dream for shipping to any part of the world.

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