Boat and Ship Industry

Full Steam Ahead: The Booming Boat and Ship Industry in the UAE

Dive into the UAE's maritime sector – explore ship chartering, trading, spare parts, management, and manufacturing opportunities in a sea of innovation and growth.

Smart Bets: Industries Primed for Growth and Returns in the UAE

Smart Bets: Industries Primed for Growth and Returns in the UAE

Unlock boundless investment prospects in the UAE with a UAQ FTZ Commercial license. Dive into thriving sectors and propel your business to new heights!

Real Estate Consultancy

The Ins and Outs of Running a Real Estate Consultancy in the UAE

Launch your real estate consultancy in the UAE with ease! Enjoy 100% foreign ownership and tax benefits in UAQ FTZ. A streamlined setup process awaits!

Steel Production and Trade in the UAE: What You Need to Know

Steel Production and Trade in the UAE: What You Need to Know

Boost your steel industry presence in the UAE now with UAQ FTZ's licences! Seamlessly produce steel bars, pipes, and fittings, and start trading in reinforcement bars.

People of determination

Empowering People of Determination: A Guide to Business Opportunities in the UAE

Start your business for People of Determination in the UAE, spanning sales of disability equipment or counselling services with UAQ FTZ licences. Empower inclusivity!

It consultancy

Launch Your IT Consultancy Firm in the UAE: A Guide

Countless growth opportunities for your IT consultancy in the UAE! Get started in a day with a UAQ FTZ licence to benefit from 100% foreign ownership and tax efficiency.

Banking Consultancy Business

Building a Successful Banking Consultancy Business in the UAE

Experienced bankers or finance professionals can launch their banking consultancy in the UAQ Free Trade Zone. 0% foreign ownership, strategic location, and tax benefits!

electric car

Jumpstart Your Electric Car Business in the UAE

Empower your electric car and spare parts trading or charging station venture in the UAE with UAQ FTZ. Drive success, enjoy tax benefits, and lead the green revolution!

Talent Management

The UAE Talent Management Scene: Opportunities Abound

Want to succeed in the UAE's entertainment scene? Secure the perfect media licence for your talent management agency. Grow, expand, and make global connections.

Gold Refinery Business

Starting Your Own Gold Refinery Business in the UAE

Open up opportunities in gold refining! With your expertise and the UAQ FTZ industrial licence, start your successful venture in the UAE. The gold rush awaits!

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