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Corporate Amendment

UAQ FTZ Client Relations Department provides all assistance and guidelines for the business continuity of our clients. Let it be amendments of the entity or trade license, the requests should be send to the Client Relations Department who will inform about all necessary process and lead through the entire steps. 

Types of Amendment

Types of Amendment

  • Manager, Director and Secretary change
  • Addition, deletion or replacement of shareholder/s
  • Increase in share capital
  • Shareholder/s name or address or nationality change
  • Change in shareholder/s E-Mail ID and contact number
  • Upgrade and downgrade of license packages
  • Adding or deleting or change of activity
  • Change in the company name
  • Company Status change
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Types of Amendment
License Renewal

License Renewal

Timely license renewal is important for smooth operations of companies registered with UAQ FTZ. UAQ FTZ licenses are issued for one year and to continue the business trade, the licenses should be renewed periodically.

Business cannot be carried out with an expired license and the shareholder/s or Manager of any company must renew the license every year. To avoid fines, renewal must take place before the license expires.

We notify our clients when their license validity expires so that they can promptly renew them.

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Licensing Services

UAQ FTZ issues NOC or other relevant paperwork to ease their operations of companies registered with the Free Zone. This covers needs like endorsing the shareholder/s details or the license/company details or helping partners or employees to issue NOC to sponsor their families or to apply for a new driving license in the UAE.

Type of Services

Type of Services

  • Letter of Incumbency or Letter of Good Standing
  • True Extract of Registry
  • Bank Letter
  • NOC for Salary and driving license
  • NOC for shareholder/s to open a new company or to become a partner in another company.
  • NOC for FTZ company to become a branch
  • Board resolution attestation
  • True copies of corporate documents
  • Duplicate of corporate documents
  • Tax Exemption
  • Liquor permit NOC
  • NOC to travel
  • Share certificate
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Type of Services

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