Vision, Mission And Core Values


To become the first choice for investors by creating a world-class business destination that provides equitable opportunities for all types of international businesses.


To remain a customer-focused, value-driven business licensing agency that provides end-to-end solutions for our global investors.

Our Core Values


Solidarity and collaboration with our investors are one of our strongest pillars.


Our agility and continuous innovation of policies delivers ease-of-business to all our investors.


We bring transparency and trust into our business relationships.


We focus our energies on developing a sustainable business community.


We shoulder the responsibility for the growth of their investors, employees, community, and the nation.


When we embrace the goodness in everything, happiness is a natural outcome.

A Logo that Resonates our Vision

The earth, the sea, and the sky are three powerful elements that make Umm Al Quwain a unique location. Naturally, all these three elements, represented by the rusty-brown of the earth, the azure of the sea and cerulean of the sky have been woven into the visual tapestry of UAQ Free Trade Zone’s logo.

They mirror the landscape of Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone where these elements combine to give it a strategic advantage.

The visual narrative also has all these three elements subtly coming together to form an abstract ‘falcon in flight’. The falcon - the national bird of the UAE - symbolizes, speed, agility and its flawless ability to stay focused on its target.

Thus, it also reflects the ethos of the Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone; building strong business partnerships, offering speed and flexibility of business processes, and helping businesses achieve their goals.


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