Starting a business in UAQFTZ : License & Entity


As an initial step in forming a company with UAQ FTZ, the investor must choose a legal entity.

All entities formed in the Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone will be with limited liability (LLC). Every entity should have a natural person as manager, director and secretary.

  • In Umm Al Quwain Free Zone, various types of entities can be established, such as, A Free Zone Establishment (FZE), which is suitable for a single shareholder
  • A Free Zone Company (FZC), which is for two and up to 50 shareholders
  • A branch of an existing company.  

The company's minimum capital should be AED 300,000 ($ 82,000 USD), with a share value of AED 1000/- ($ 274 USD)

With a quick and easy set-up process, documentation will be a breeze for investors. The advantages are multiple license options in the same entity, no proof of start-up capital required, and set-up remotely from the convenience of home or office anywhere in the world.


Choose from a comprehensive range of licenses that will allow the investor to quickly advance in their chosen industry.

Umm Al Quwain free trade zone issues various types of licenses such as Commercial, Consultancy/service, Industrial & freelancer permits. Clients can choose from more than 1500 business activities.

Multiple activities can be clubbed into one license. Commercial licenses can be issued with 10 similar or 3 different categories. Consultancy/service/freelancer permits can be issued with two activities. 

Entities can avail the option of dual license in the same entity i.e. an entity with a commercial license can obtain a consultancy/service license in the same company without the need of setting up another entity. 

License validity will be a minimum one year. Multiple-year licenses are available.

Licenses can be amended at any point throughout their validity period by changing the activities.

In general, a free zone license allows the client to conduct business either within the free zone or outside the UAE. To do business in the local UAE market, it has to be through an agent or distributor.  There are no restrictions on participating in any exhibitions in UAE.
Our professional services make the licensing process quick and easy, from presenting a business concept to acquiring a trade license.

Explore the UAQ FTZ license option to see what suits you best.


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