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Build your business empire in the UAE for as low as, 5450 USD

Discover our wide range of business solutions that can help you succeed.

Our business packages include:

  • 1-year License
  • 3 years-residency visa
  • low-cost start-up options
  • remote setup
  • no hidden cost
  • 0 percent corporate tax
  • Hi-tech infrastructures such as offices, warehouses, and land availability
Invaluable Investor

Africa is quickly becoming one of the United Arab Emirates' most important markets. UAE continues to be a major center for African enterprises looking to do business and grow their presence internationally. From a customer-friendly approach to dynamic, smooth procedures that focus on your individual requirements, our business setup service provides tailored packages to your business. Whether you have a great business idea or you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, we can help you begin your journey of launching a business in the UAE from anywhere around the world.

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