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  • UAE residency visa
  • Remote Setup
  • Allow an individual to operate as a Freelance Professional
  • Low-cost startup options
  • Permit designed for sectors: Media, Technology, Artists, and many more

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By obtaining a freelance license and visa from the UAQ FTZ, you become a registered freelancer in the UAE who is eligible to carry out their chosen profession with full legal support. A freelance license or work permit allows an individual to operate as a freelance professional, and conduct business in one’s birth name as opposed to a brand name or company.

It is designed for individuals who operate in technology, media and film sectors, and is issued to talent roles, creative roles and selected administrative roles.

Documents Required

To apply for your freelance permit, follow the procedure below. Get these documents ready before moving your application:

Duly filled Application Form
Latest resume/CV
Latest passport-size photograph
Copy of passport

Submit your application including the copy of your passport. After getting the interim approval, you'll receive a confirmation letter. Make the necessary payment, and you are good to go.

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Advantages of working as a Freelancer in the UAE

  • Flexible Hours
  • Broaden Your Skill Set
  • Being your own boss
  • You can work from home
  • Ability to travel and live in any place
  • Getting UAE residence visa
  • Higher Earning Potentials
From set-up costs and licensing to project funding and leasing options, we’ve got you covered end to end.


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