Flexible Payment Options to Promote Startup and SME Journeys in the UAE

Flexible Payment Options to Promote Startup and SME Journeys in the UAE

July 12, 2023

Flexible Payment Options to Promote Startup and SME Journeys in the UAE

Limited financial resources, high uncertainty and risk, the need for market establishment and customer acquisition, and intense competition make it important for Startups and SMEs to be money-sensitive in their pursuit of growth and scalability.

Every penny counts while you are setting up a new business, and this is what makes the flexible payment options from UAQ Free Trade Zone an unbeatable savings scheme for new business owners in the region.

The UAQ FTZ now offers two flexible instalment plans so that you can pay for your business licence, visas, and more over time. Forget having to pay hefty fees upfront. Flexible payment plans are here to make it easy.

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What are Flexible Payment Plans for Business Licences in the UAE?

A flexible payment plan is a financial arrangement that allows investors in the UAE to pay for their business licences over an extended period, typically through instalment payments.

Unlike traditional payment methods that require a lump sum payment upfront, flexible payment plans provide customers with the option to spread out their payments, making them more manageable and affordable.

Flexible payment plans often offer customization options, allowing customers to choose the payment frequency, duration, and sometimes even the size of individual payments based on their financial circumstances.

The AED 786 Per Month Business Startup Plan 

The 786 Payment Plan (which is inclusive of service charges) gives you an affordable way to get your business up and running in the UAQ Free Trade Zone.

For just AED 786 per month, you'll get a business license and be ready to start your business without much CapEx worries.

This instalment plan spreads the cost of your trade license over 12 months, depending on your convenience, so you can launch your company without a huge upfront investment. Payments are automatically deducted from your credit or debit card each month, so you don't have to worry about missing a payment.

To qualify for the 786 Payment Plan, you'll need:

  • A valid Emirates ID
  • A credit or debit card issued in the UAE or GCC
  • Your business plan and activity details

Once approved, you'll receive your trade licence right away, so you can get to work.

If cash flow is a concern in those first months of operation, the AED 786 Payment Plan provides the flexibility and affordability you need. For this minimal cost, you'll have everything required to legally run your business in the UAQ Free Trade Zone. Why wait? Take advantage of this budget-friendly option and start achieving your business dreams today.

The AED 1367 Per Month Payment Plan With One Visa

If you're looking for an affordable way to get your business started with a bonus visa in the UAQ Free Trade Zone, our AED 1367 per month payment plan is ideal. With this instalment option, you'll get:

  • A business license for just AED 1367 per month
  • UAE Residency Visa included 
  • Establishment Card
  • E-channel Registration
  • Co-working Space
  • Add up to 50 Shareholders

How will Flexible Payment Plans from UAQ FTZ help businesses in the UAE?

Flexible payment plans for business licenses are just one of the investor-friendly policies from UAQ Free Trade Zone that are meant to empower startups and SMEs in the UAE. Here’s how they help:

Affordability: Flexible payment plans allow investors to break down their payments into smaller, more manageable amounts. By spreading the cost over a period of time, investors can budget more effectively and start their business, which might otherwise be financially challenging in the early stages.

Financial Planning and Stability: Flexible payment plans enable startups and SMEs to maintain better financial stability and plan their expenses more effectively. Instead of having to make a large payment upfront, they can allocate their funds for other essential expenses or savings. 

Improved Cash Flow: By opting for a payment plan, startups and SMEs can retain their cash or credit capacity for other needs, emergencies, or investment opportunities. This preserves their liquidity and provides a safety net for unexpected expenses, promoting overall financial well-being.

How to Apply for the Instalment Plans

So you’re interested in one of our flexible instalment plans for your business licence in the UAQ Free Trade Zone. Excellent choice! Applying is quick and easy. Here’s how it works:

Choose Your Plan
We offer two options:

  • The AED 786 Plan: Pay AED 786 per month for 12 months. 
  • The AED 1367 Plan: Pay AED 1367 per month for 12 months. Includes one visa. 

Submit Your Application

  • Provide the necessary business and credit card information on the instalment plan application. Your card must be from a UAE or GCC bank.
  • Sign the instalment agreement, which outlines the payment terms and conditions.

That’s it! Our installment plans make paying for your UAQ Free Trade Zone business license and visas more affordable and convenient. If you have any other questions about the application process, please contact our Business Centre. We’re happy to help get your business up and running smoothly in the UAQ Free Trade Zone.

Terms and Conditions of the Payment Plans

When you choose one of our flexible payment plans, there are a few terms and conditions you'll want to keep in mind. 
We accept credit and debit cards from the UAE and GCC countries only.
Please ensure that the cardholder's registered name, email ID, and phone number match the details mentioned on the card.

Does this help explain our flexible payment options for new businesses in the UAQ Free Trade Zone? Let us know if you have any other questions. We are here to help your business thrive!

SME-friendly Business Packages

We’ll work with you to determine a monthly payment plan for your business licence, visas, and office based on your specific needs.. Expand your team and office space whenever needed - additional fees will simply be added to your instalment plan.

 Our client-focused approach provides SMEs like yourself the opportunity to pay for essential business costs over time, rather than burdening you with large upfront fees. Focus on building your company - we’ll handle the rest!

To set up your instalment payment plan and get your UAQ Free Trade Zone business up and running, contact our licencing specialists today. Flexible payment plans - because your success is our success!

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