Health Check-ups for UAQ FTZ Employees for Safe Operations

Health Check-ups for UAQ FTZ Employees for Safe Operations

May 21, 2022

Health Check-ups for UAQ FTZ Employees for Safe Operations

Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone recently conducted free Covid-19 testing for the staff and employees of companies and factories functioning in the Free Zone. The testing, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), were carried out in the labourer accommodation facilities and factories.

“Businesses need to be prepared to create safe workplaces and conduct safe operations amidst this pandemic. These health check-ups are paramount to control the spread and ensure the welfare of the community. The UAE government’s testing effort to ensure community safety is a welcome initiative and all citizens and organisations should join forces with MOHAP in this fight against Covid-19,” said Johnson George, General Manager of UAQ FTZ.

The UAQ Free Zone Authority has been proactive in their Covid-19 Community Response and even in the early phase, managed the situation with minimal disruption as possible by creating a low-risk environment. Proper health and hygiene procedures through round-the clock-sanitation, dedicated hand washing bays and by ensuring that employees who are in a vulnerable group follow social distancing guidelines are all part of the effort. The health check-ups will be conducted periodically to keep the Free Zone’s work sites and offices more protected.

The Free Zone Authority has also deployed a Welfare Committee to facilitate treatment and provide necessary assistance to any client or employee infected by Covid-19.

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