UAE Consultancy License: Costs and Requirements

UAE Consultancy License: Costs and Requirements

May 21, 2022

UAE Consultancy License: Costs and Requirements

The opportunities for professional consultants in the UAE have never been greater, with many industries experiencing an upsurge in business. If you have expertise that you can pass on to others, there’s a market here for your consultancy skills.

Consultants working in the UAE need a license, and obtaining one is simple. This article will show you how, providing at-a-glance information in these areas:

  • UAE consultancy license: What is it?
  • Benefits of starting a consultancy company in the UAE
  • Procedure to get your UAE consultancy license
  • Cost of a consultancy license in the UAE
  • Documents needed to get your UAE consultancy license
  • Why start your company with UAQFTZ?

UAE consultancy license: What is it?

A consultancy license in the UAE will enable you to work in your chosen industry as a business consultant. The license will specify the areas you operate in and can be viewed as a passport to working as a consultant in the region.

When applying for your license, it is necessary to state the sectors you intend to work in. This is all part of the application process, during which you will list your specific areas of expertise. Making a legally-binding decision about your professional intentions ensures that the scope of your license matches the scope of your business ambitions.

Benefits of starting a consultancy company in the UAE

Consultancies can thrive in many parts of the world, but the UAE, with its low costs and favourable tax system, is a genuine honeypot. The region’s lack of red tape makes hiring and organising simple, and you will enjoy 100% ownership of your consultancy company.

Whatever your area of expertise – retail, tech, hospitality, healthcare or dozens of other booming sectors – the requirement for professional consultants in the UAE has never been greater. Even better, setting up a consulting business here is as straightforward as it gets.

Procedure to get your UAE consultancy trade license

Step 1 : Seek approval for your proposed company’s name along with a statement of your business area and required license type. There are certain naming conventions to observe in the UAE. For example, if you are naming the company after a person, initials are in fact preferred. Names should also avoid referencing other companies or including anything that might be deemed blasphemous.

Step 2 : Submit all the required documents. This includes the application form and a scanned colour copy of your passport.

Step 3 : Sign and submit your company incorporation documents to the FTZA. These should be the originals, not copies.

Step 4 : Send the required payment as soon as the documentation has been approved.

Step 5 : Simply wait to receive your trade license. This can take as little as one day, so you’ll never have to wait for long.

Cost of a consultancy license in the UAE

License packages start from AED 8,000 for a no-visa package and AED 13,500 for a two-visa package. Payment is flexible – for example, you can pay the full AED 8,000 in one lump sum or 12 AED 786 instalments, paid each month.

Contact UAQ Free Trade Zone for a personalised quote based on your specific requirements. The process is swift and straightforward, and your company could be incorporated in just one day.

Documents needed to get your UAE consultancy license

To apply for your consultancy license, you will need the following:

  • Three proposed names for your consultancy business, listed in order of preference.
  • A completed application form.
  • A colour copy of your passport, plus two passport-sized photographs. Any other named business partner will have to submit the same items.
  • Proof of residence – this should be your most recent utility bill and must include your name and address.

Why start your company with UAQFTZ?

Business setup in UAE couldn’t be much more rewarding, and UAQFTZ is as good as it gets. There’s a seaport here, and Dubai International and Sharjah International Airports are close by. As a UAE consultancy license holder, you will also benefit from Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone’s low costs, zero tax, 100% company ownership, repatriation of all capital and profits, and no foreign exchange controls or currency restrictions.

When you set up a UAQ Free Trade Zone company, you won’t need NOC, bank letters, capital proof documents, or audit reports. You don’t even have to be physically present when setting up the company and applying for the consultancy license, and there’s no charge for your establishment card.

As the company owner and license holder, you can use your existing visa on an ongoing basis, with no requirement for a specific Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone visa. What’s more, as visa holders – whether shareholders or employees – businesspeople in UAQFTZ can sponsor their families.

Grow your consultancy business in UAQFTZ

Working in UAQ Free Trade Zone with a UAE consultancy license demonstrates to your potential customers that you’re an integral part of the local business architecture. It gives you the professional profile, legitimacy and credibility that new clients are always looking for, which is especially important when starting out on the consulting path.

The other key to your consultancy’s success is your expertise. As a consultant, it’s all about what you know. So, put down some business roots where your skills and experience are always needed. You can get a head start on your new consultancy by contacting UAQFTZ for a personalised quote.

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