Commercial license in the UAE

Commercial License

A Commercial License can have three different product lines or 10 similar product lines. The list of business activities under the Commercial License Category in UAE include Computer Software Trading, Plastic Bags & Containers Trading, Agricultural Pesticides Trading, Acids & Alkalies Trading, Wooden Products Trading, Pipes & Fittings Trading, Food & Beverages Trading, Audio-Visual, Recording Equipment & Accessories Trading, Perfumes & Cosmetics Trading and Paper Products Trading. Under this license, there are several options for the type of company to register.

Extensive Economic Benefits
  • This license authorizes a licensee trade different type of products as per the license / selected commercial activities
  • This license allows a licensee to import & export and trade inside of the UAE as well through distributors (mainland companies)
  • One license is not limited only with 1 activity, the client has an option to select, for instance, 3 different or 10 similar commercial activities as per his business needs
Extensive Economic Benefits
Invaluable Investor
  • Wide range of commercial activities permitted by the UAQ FTZ, including the following activities, but not limited:
    • Food and Beverages Trading
    • Building and Construction Materials Trading
    • New Automobile Trading for Export
    • Heavy Equipment and Machinery Spare Parts Trading
    • Face Masks and Gloves Trading
    • Readymade Garments Trading
    • Household Utensils Trading
    • Perfumes and Cosmetics Trading
Extensive Economic Benefits
  • Our sales representative will be able to help the client to select the right commercial activities as per the client’s requirements
  • Benefits – the absence of import and export tax, corporate and personal income tax, the absence of any limitations on the repatriation of capital
  • The clients can obtain UAQ Chamber of Commerce membership to facilitate import & export operations
  • Different number of visa quota are provided as per the selected license packages
Extensive Economic Benefits
Invaluable Investor
  • Commercial license package can include different type of facilities, for instance, flexi desk, physical office or warehouse, again, as per the client’s business needs
  • For those who doesn’t require a residence visa, a No visa license package is available as well.
  • Company incorporation can be done remotely without physical presence of the client
Extensive Economic Benefits


  • E-commerce activity falls under Commercial license
  • This activity allows a licensee trade a wide range of products / goods permitted within the UAE through online marketplaces such as Amazon, Noon, the client’s company website and social media accounts (e.g. Instagram, Facebook etc)
  • E-commerce activity can be clubbed with 2 additional commercial activities and license can be issued with 3 activities, for instance:
    • E-Commerce
    • Textile Trading
    • Gifts Trading
Extensive Economic Benefits
Invaluable Investor
  • Online payment gateway custom solution through one of the UAQ FTZ Partners that allows the client get a merchant account within a short period of time and with a minimum paperwork. The client with a merchant account will be able to send payment link to his customers, issue Invoices and E-receipts.
  • Benefits - no reach limitations, flexibility for customers, faster buying process, the product are ready 24x7, several payment modes and the client can offer his products any place, any time.

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