Commercial license in the UAE

Commercial License

A Commercial License allows importing, exporting, distributing and storing items specified on the license.
A Commercial License authorizes the company to trade different types of products as per the approved  commercial activities in the License. The Company can  import and export the products as well as trade inside the UAE through distributors (mainland companies).

Extensive Economic Benefits
  • Along with the Commercial license the client can opt from different types of facilities such as Premium Office (Co-working Space), Standard Office, Warehouse and Land as per the client’s requirements.

  •  Company License can be obtained remotely without physical presence of the client at the Free Zone Office. 
Extensive Economic Benefits
Invaluable Investor
Wide range of commercial activities permitted by the UAQ FTZ, including the following activities, but not limited:
    • Food and Beverages 
    • Building and Construction Materials 
    • Automobile
    • Heavy Equipment and Machinery 
    • Garments & Textiles 
    • Chemicals
    • Medical Equipment 
    • Perfumes and Cosmetics
    • Jewelry
    • Furniture
    • Electrical & Electronics 
    • Telecommunication
    • Computer & software and MUCH MORE

Online payment gateway solution

UAQ FTZ offers online payment gateway solutions through the partners that allows the client to get a merchant account within short period of time and with minimal  paperwork. The client with a merchant account will be able to send payment link to their customers, issue invoices and e-receipts.

Extensive Economic Benefits
Invaluable Investor
Premium Commercial License

UAQ FTZ issue Premium Commercial license for special activities as follows: 

  • Private Airplane Charter
  •  Ports Management
  • Ship Management & Operation
  • Freight Broker
  • Investment in Commercial Enterprises & Management
  • Assets Management
  • Other Investment Activities
  • Leisure Yachts and Boats Rental and MUCH MORE…

Only 1 premium activity is permitted in one license. 
Extensive Economic Benefits


E-Commerce (Trading conducted electronically through the internet)

  • E-commerce activity allows a licensee to trade in wide range of products / goods permitted within the UAE through online marketplaces such as Amazon, Noon etc. and also through the client’s own company website and social media accounts (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Benefits - easy access, flexible payment options, faster buying and selling process, secured payment.

Extensive Economic Benefits

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