Sven Krieger (Managing Director)
Astog Aviation FZE


Success Story of a UAQ Free Zone Start-up client.

ASTOG AVIATION FZE is as new as it can be, but the people behind, have 25+ years of expertise within the aviation field. We intend to add an operation-focused Consultancy Service to the otherwise rich palette of Aviation services and support companies. Aviation and that includes scheduled airlines as well corporate or otherwise business Aviation oriented companies, face never-ending waves of regulatory information and technical mandates, which are usually handled by guiding inspectors and the Company’s internal Compliance managers, but often lacks proper implementation.

ASTOG-Aviation intends to be a Partner and Connector between regulation and implementation, providing a “One-Stop-Shop”-solution to all involved. This is not only highlighting strategies but also performing the steps until the organization can takeover. The involvement and knowledge across FAA, EASA CASA, or GCAA makes me a valuable allrounder to any organization. My extensive experience in aviation operations over the last 25 years enables me to provide customized solutions for everything from flight dispatch procedures, OCC setup, fatigue management, EFB implementation, AVSEC, administration guides, procurement, contractor, and subcontractor arrangements to fleet evaluation, and emission monitoring schemes.

Our target market for ASTOG-Aviation is predicted to be found in small and medium-sized Business and Passenger-Charter companies, while the larger corporations frequently employ large internal teams or have already contracted for Consultancy programs. Many organizations in the nearby markets, such as Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, are receptive to new business prospects, process improvements, and are more open-minded (more flexible) in their structure and business behavior. Looking at the segment and assuming that just 5% of all companies would consider making a current investment, we’re talking about at least 50 high-potential clients.

We intend to develop our future business by word of mouth, and my reputation, as well as the requirement for outstanding operational insights in the region and beyond, will help us support growth. We will keep this in mind because starting and maintaining “Lean” in any organization is essential, however, if we require extra SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) or are working on many projects at the same time, we will bring in other well-trusted consultants. I am also an advocate of “share and trade,” therefore we will ensure that new aviators join our team and continue to support our clients in the future.

 One of the most significant advantages of establishing our business in the UAE is that we consider the UAE as a central place for aviation utilization and evolution, as well as a geographically excellent position from where we can travel and meet our clients in the shortest possible time.  

We consider the UAE as a central location for Aviation usage and evolution, and simply from a geographical point of view, very ideal, as we can travel and reach our clients, in the shortest possible time. The UAE has been at the forefront of aviation growth, education, initiatives, and innovations, which ASTOG-Aviation intends to export and excel.

The Emirate Umm Al Quwain provides sustainable and un-tapped opportunities for a start-up such as ASTOG-Aviation.

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