Success is seldom achieved immediately; it requires effort

Mr. Dmitry Miagkov
(Co-Founder and CEO)
Strategy Processes and Systems Middle East FZC

Success is seldom achieved immediately; it requires effort - Dmitry Miagkov

Success Story of a UAQ Free Zone Start-up client.

Strategy Processes and Systems Middle East FZC was setup in October 2020. We are a fast-growing group of companies, with offices in the United Arab Emirates, India, Poland, and Kazakhstan, that provide top-quality, bespoke consulting services to global and regional companies in such areas as: Strategy/management consulting, Organizational transformation, Process re-engineering, Risk management, Project management services, IT and digital transformation.

We work with both established businesses and to start-up and growing companies. Public/government entities, Oil, gas and other energy companies, Utilities, Transportation and logistics, Manufacturing companies, Construction and real estate management, Retail and trading companies, Family offices, and other industries/sectors are among the industries/sectors that Strategy Processes and Systems Middle East FZC has experience with.

Starting a business in the United Arab Emirates allows us to efficiently serve not only local customers in the UAE, but also to expand and deliver services throughout the MENA region and around the world. We have grown and expanded into a group of companies with 60+ partners and consultants since our inception in the year 2020.

Another important factor is the organization/entity where you establish your business, and the Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone is one of the best free zones in the UAE in terms of professionalism, timeliness and quality of services, and overall assistance.

Building and growing a network of long-term, strategic customers, as well as becoming a trusted advisor to our customers, was the biggest challenge we encountered when we first began out. It is not enough to win initial contracts and deals in consulting services, as it is in many other industries/sectors, but it is also necessary to consistently provide great value and experience of dealing with you to your customers - to become a long-term, trusted advisor to the customers you work with, And we successfully overcame these challenges. Our customer base has grown to 30+ global and regional firms, and it continues to expand.

We'll keep doing what we do best: providing our clients with high-quality advisory services ranging from strategy/management consulting to process re-engineering and improvement to IT and digital transformation projects. Our aim is to continue our development and expansion not only in the United Arab Emirates but to provide our services in the MENA region and worldwide.

If I could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out, it would be to always identify what you know and do best, and focus on your core products and services. And very important, you should really like and be passionate about your business, and keep moving despite any challenges and bottlenecks. Success is seldomly achieved immediately, you really need to put a lot of effort to achieve it.

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