An Interview with Mr. Hammad Anwar: His Journey to Success

Hammad Anwar
Amco Apparel Manufacturing FZE

An Interview with Mr. Hammad Anwar: His Journey to Success

Success Story of a UAQ Free Zone Start-up client.

AMCO is a family enterprise backed with over 50 years of experience in apparel manufacturing and sourcing.

Hammad Anwar, the current CEO of AMCO, continues the legacy set in motion by his father, Rashid Anwar, who, in 1969, began a journey that would shape the destiny of this family enterprise, boasting over five decades of expertise in apparel manufacturing and sourcing. Driven by an unwavering commitment to quality, Rashid Anwar established the company in Pakistan and skillfully navigated its formative years.

Recognizing the potential for growth, Rashid Anwar implemented a bold expansion plan in 1989, establishing AMCO Apparel Manufacturing FZC in the UAE's UAQ free zone. This strategic move harnessed the benefits of the free zone, providing the company with a competitive edge in logistics and operations. Thus began AMCO's trajectory towards becoming a regional and international player in the apparel manufacturing sector.

However, the path to success was not without its challenges. In the early stages of establishing the company in the UAE, AMCO faced obstacles such as legal and regulatory hurdles, visa and immigration requirements, language barriers, banking and finance intricacies, marketing research, and the need for a skilled workforce. Overcoming these challenges has been integral to the company's resilience and ultimate success.
Despite these hurdles, AMCO's annual turnover stands at an impressive 17 million dirhams approximately, underscoring the company's ability to navigate challenges and thrive in the competitive landscape.

At its core, AMCO is a family business, a key driver behind its success. The company's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction propelled it to prominence as a leading supplier of uniforms to local and GCC countries, laying the foundation for its international expansion.

Since 1990, AMCO has been pivotal in the export of jackets to the USA, establishing itself as a reliable and quality-driven manufacturer. Venturing into new markets in Europe and the MENA region, the company diversified its product offerings, solidifying its status as a global player.

AMCO's success is also attributed to its multicultural and skilled workforce, drawn from countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. This diverse talent pool fostered a dynamic and collaborative work environment, ensuring the precision and craftsmanship that defines AMCO's products.

In a testament to generational continuity, Rashid Anwar gracefully transitioned into retirement, passing the leadership to his son, Hammad Anwar, who has skillfully served as the CEO for the past 15 years. Under Hammad Anwar's guidance, AMCO continues to evolve, exploring new business ideas and introducing innovative apparel brands.

Looking forward, Hammad Anwar envisions leveraging e-commerce to propel AMCO to new heights internationally. The company's commitment to excellence, coupled with a forward-thinking approach, positions AMCO as a beacon of success in the dynamic world of apparel manufacturing. The journey that began in 1969 is not merely a success story; it's a testament to the resilience, vision, and innovation defining AMCO's enduring legacy.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, AMCO's advice for those starting in the UAE emphasizes the benefits of beginning as a free zone company, considering setup costs, and choosing the right zone. Business in a free zone means full ownership and various tax exemptions, contributing to the company's successful journey.

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