Discover what our clients have done to achieve success

Lee Blenkinsopp
(Managing Director)
Lilly Pods FZE

Discover what our clients have done to achieve success

An Interview with Mr Lee Blenkinsopp: His journey to success.

Lilly Pods FZE was incorporated in 2020 to service the increasing outdoor leisure sector, we manufacture Glamping Pods (Glamorous camping) for the beach, desert resorts, fishing lakes (UK) camping sites, etc.

The global Glamping market is about to boom and is expected to reach AED 20 billion by 2028. The Glamping sites are designed with a focus on sustainability and can be carbon neutral by incorporating solar panels, wind energy, etc. The MENA region will see unprecedented growth as tourism will be a big part of the unique business opportunities to move away from oil and gas. With the covid pandemic, and recent traveling restrictions, more people are looking for alternatives and glamping fits the bill for many.

The advantages of starting a business in the United Arab Emirates that we see are ease of business set up, advantageous geographical location, no taxation, top-notch infrastructure, comfortable and quality lifestyle. Not only the UAE, but also the Middle East, Africa, and the United Kingdom are important markets for our Glamping pods. Not only the UAE, but also the Middle East, Africa, and the United Kingdom are major markets for our Glamping pods.

The return on a Glamping site investment is in less than two years with 50-100% ROI annually and the current turnover of our company is AED 300,000 (approx).

If I could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out, it would be to study hard, take risks, and challenge yourself as you gain experience before starting your own business.

At Lilly Pods we custom manufacture exceptionally high-quality Glamping pods using the latest technology at our warehouse in UAQ Free Trade Zone. We are witnessing balanced growth as a new firm, as per our objective strategy.

The units are fully insulated and have UPVC double glazed doors and windows, can include kitchens, bathrooms and can be finished and furnished to suit individual requirements.

The Pods are delivered as a finished unit or in kit form for self-assembly at the site; we currently export units to the ever-growing UK market where 700 new sites were incorporated in 2021.

We chose Umm Al Quwain free trade zone to manufacture the Glamping Pods due to the wonderful individuals that offer the best in service and guidance when needed.

The ease of doing business, exporting our products directly from the port, and the excellent customer support give us every confidence in recommending UAQFTZ to anyone who is thinking of starting a business in the UAE.

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