An Interview with Mr. Nicola Bevilacqua: His Journey to Success

Mr. Nicola Bevilacqua
Technicae Progressum FZE

An Interview with Mr. Nicola Bevilacqua: His Journey to Success

Technicae Progressum was born conceptually in 2012 with the notion of the Econanosil project by the founding member, Nicola Bevilacqua, a veteran expert promoter of energy efficiency and energy production systems. The Econanosil product line is the founding element from which the company was initially established in 2016 as Technicae Progressum s.r.l. in Italy and as Technicae Progressum FZE in the United Arab Emirates since 2021.

Technicae Progressum FZE specializes in nanotechnology-based thermal insulation. The company activities include the manufacture and supply of décor interior and exterior, fire resistant and eco- friendly wall and floor insulation coating. Our business strategy is focused on the development of low thickness thermal insulation products as an alternative to traditional methods. The main objective is to achieve the company's development on an international level, whilst remaining environmentally conscious. Generating financial success is the basis of every business however TCH thrives on building from there a culture of employee wellness, skills development here in the United Arab Emirates together with the larger global aspect of environmental sustainability. Thereby creating a holistic goals and benefits from human to global crucial factors. Our target market is the continuously evolving construction development and fit-out industry.

We are fully knowledgeable and confident in our product and systems however every business needs to research and adapt their foundation to the new environment when developing global footprints, so it is crucial to have the right support, dedication, and guidance throughout the hierarchy.

The company has done exceedingly well by surpassing its financial goals. Although the company is established, it is still growing here in the United Arab Emirates. All businesses, regardless of the country proves its sustainability in the first 5 years. We are confident in achieving and building a stronger financial foothold as the years progress. We have a well-developed brand and business strategy with an aligned vision and mission. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in continuously researching, developing and innovating our products, systems, and human resource goals whilst adhering to the UAE governance and compliance regulations.

For someone just starting out, the advice would be to take the time to plan and research prior to beginning your business operations in a new country and secondly, the first 6 months is a huge learning curve when operating any new business on a day-to-day basis. Hard work, dedication and keeping sight of your business goals is what will set you apart and keep you thriving.

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