An Interview with Mr.KK.Rajaram: His journey to success

KK.Rajaram (Regional Head)
PTAL International FZC

An Interview with Mr. KK Rajaram: His journey to success

KK. Rajaram, Regional Head of PTAL International FZC UAQ-UAE, reflects on the journey of the company since its inception in 2004 at UAQ Free Zone.

Over the years, PTAL has grown steadily, expanding its operations to encompass seven countries in the Middle East and African regions. Today, the company stands as the market leader in sodium and potassium silicates, a feat attributed to the vision and dedication of UAE’s flagship company, PTAL International FZC.

In our view, a successful organization not only produces high-quality products but also identifies and capitalizes on the right markets. Investing in the UAQ-UAE market was a strategic choice, one that has paid off handsomely, establishing PTAL as the indisputable leader in the silicate segment while maintaining a strong presence in other countries.

Today, PTAL International FZC is a beacon of success. While products, market strategy, and management have all played crucial roles, one of the key factors behind our success is the strategic location of our factory in the UAQ-Free Zone.

Undoubtedly, profitability is a primary goal for any organization. However, equally important is the fulfillment of market needs, the creation of employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers, and the continuous training and development of employees. These aspects have been instrumental in PTAL's growth and success, fostering a culture of care and growth among its employees.

As the saying goes, "Nothing succeeds like success." PTAL International continues to innovate, producing chemicals that are not only economically viable but also environmentally friendly, without compromising on quality. Success is no longer a mystery; it is a result of our dedication and commitment.

PTAL's achievements are also attributed to the seamless support provided by the UAE Government and Free Zone. In this regard, we extend our heartfelt thanks for being instrumental in our success.

Good luck to all as we continue on our journey of growth and excellence.

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