UAQ FTZ unveils cost - effective land lease options to drive industrial growth



According to the Q3 report from 2022, UAQ FTZ experienced tremendous growth by exceeding targets and achieving ambitious business goals. The introduction of cost-effective business packages and facilities, particularly the new infrastructure-ready plots of land has attracted investors in expanding their businesses in the Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone. For its valued clients, UAQ FTZ launched various business support plans to assist them in keeping their businesses afloat.

UAQ Free Trade Zone offers the lowest land leasing options where entrepreneurs can now lease land for 25 years (renewable) along with top-notch facilities, all of which aim to support new Industrial companies, SMEs, and investors in the UAE.  

Investing in fully serviced industrial land in the UAQ Free Trade Zone gives you a solid and sustainable base to build factories, commercial office facilities, warehousing, and residential properties.). Land plot size ranges from 2500 Sq. M and upwards, based on the specific requirements of the clients suitable for industries, warehouses, showrooms, corporate offices, etc.

All the infrastructure you need is already in place, including:

Great Flexibility
Small to large size of land options suited to any industry on favorable lease terms.

Lease Options
Lease term up to 25 years long, renewable, with a wide range of business activities

Access and International Reach
Close proximity to major state highways. Significant entry route to other GCC countries, Asia, Africa, and Europe. 

Industrial Utilities
Ready Electricity, Water, and Telecommunication infrastructure. Availability of ample power for operations.

Business Accessibility
Easy Access to: All the Emirates, Major Seaports & Airports.

Resource Availability
Availability of skilled, multilingual manpower and raw materials for all industries.

Labor Accommodation:
Our Ready to move-in labour accommodation 
Well-spaced, furnished rooms with a mess hall facility and a recreation area. 
Options available for companies to rent rooms or floors.

Customs Procedures
Seamless and Onsite custom. 

With customizable options and transparent pricing, UAQFTZ offers a great investment opportunity with ready-to-lease plots.

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