Sheikh Mohammed unveils UAE's 2031 government vision

Sheikh Mohammed unveils UAE's 2031 government vision


H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has presented the country's national plan for the next decade, called “We The UAE 2031”. This plan, launched on the first day of the UAE Government's annual meeting in Abu Dhabi, aims to guide the growth of the UAE over the next ten years and increase its gross domestic product from Dh1.49 trillion to Dh3 trillion.

The plan is divided into four main pillars that address various sectors and fields, including the economy, society, ecosystem, and diplomacy.

Four pillars of ‘We The UAE 2031’

1. Forward society

The first pillar of “We The UAE 2031" is “Forward Society”, which focuses on supporting and improving the well-being of citizens, families, education, and health. This pillar aims to achieve the prosperity of society by providing resources and support to empower citizens and enhance their capabilities. It also focuses on strengthening the cohesion of families and improving the education sector to develop national talent and provide training and educational materials. The plan also aims to make the UAE a top destination for medical treatment, raising it to one of the top 10 countries in the world for healthcare quality. Additionally, the national plan aims to place the UAE among the top 10 countries in the Human Development Index and its cities among the world's 10 best cities. The plan will also work towards achieving full readiness of all medical facilities and staff.

2. Forward economy

The second pillar of “We The UAE 2031” is “Forward Economy”, which focuses on human capital, high economic growth in all sectors, energy transformation, and enhancing green economy efforts. This pillar aims to create and develop policies and plans that contribute to achieving high economic growth in all sectors, as well as accelerate the transition to alternative sources of energy to support the country's green economy efforts.

The ‘Forward Economy’ pillar reflects the UAE's belief in the importance of human capital as the main driver of the next 10-year development plan. The UAE aims to be among the top 10 countries in the world to attract global talent.
This pillar also aims to increase the country's GDP to Dh3 trillion, non-oil exports to Dh800 billion, foreign trade value to Dh4 trillion, and the contribution of the tourism sector to Dh450 billion.

3. Forward Diplomacy

The third pillar of “We The UAE 2031” is “Forward Diplomacy”, which focuses on respect for human values, foreign solid relations, and support for the global environmental agenda. “Forward Diplomacy” determines the framework of the UAE's international role and aims to strengthen foreign relations, enhance international presence, and encourage positive dialogue globally. This pillar prioritizes climate neutrality and consolidates the country's position as an innovation hub in sustainability, science, and technology.

4. Forward ecosystem

The fourth pillar of “We The UAE 2031” is “Forward Ecosystem”, which focuses on using the latest technological methods for infrastructure, government services, legislation for new economic sectors, and flexible business models. This pillar aims to improve government performance by providing the best government services in the world. It also aims to maintain the UAE's reputation as one of the world's most secure and safe countries, develop proactive legislation for new economic sectors, and enhance its position as a global leader in the safety index.

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