Mujib Rawther (Investor) – LUCROR FZE


Success Story of a UAQ Free Zone Start-up client.

Lucror FZE is a startup business with new technology, automates systems to be more agile, and brings brands and partners together to establish a worldwide footprint, all for the same purpose: growth.

Technology will not unleash people’s full potential; instead, skill, tenacity, and talent will determine which brand will succeed in the changing ecosystem. We combine intelligence and skill to assist businesses in becoming leaders. We offer extensive industry and technical knowledge to assist our clients from chaos to digitalization, automation to mockery, analysis to analytics, and descriptive to prescriptive solutions using Ai, CV, NLP, ML, DS, and RPA.

My key driving force for becoming an entrepreneur was my goal to make a positive contribution to society (charity work or assisting others makes me happy). I did a fast track in my professional life. I knew I didn’t have much time left in my life to accomplish my goals.

I understand how business works; thus, the question is what does a business require? We must either increase the top line or lower the cost because we are in the ERA of survival. Globalization and best practices are no longer prominent; instead, businesses are competing for survival. So it’s all about DISRUPTION, then it’s all about TECH and INNOVATION to bring about change. So I spent more than two years researching and laying the groundwork for my upcoming project.

My advice to young entrepreneurs is that God has given us life, and every one of us is born into this world with a God-given talent. Many people are unable to recognize true talent; instead, they must seek a good mentor who can show them the way, be it their professional or personal life. Everyone wants to do things in life that bring them joy – earn money, get an education, gain power, gain respect, and so on.

Fear is always the factor that prevents us from exploring and accomplishing what we know best. Fear is always the factor that prevents us from deciding to explore and accomplish what we know best. Fear is a myth; you will only know the depth, cold, ice, sharks, goldfish, or wealth if you leap into the sea. Failure is the greatest source of knowledge or education

– so leap and pursue your dreams.

I’ve established businesses all over the world, as well as in many free zones in the United Arab Emirates. But, to be honest, UAQ FTZ is extremely special to me; They are always friendly and supportive. When I decided to start a new business and researched various choices in the UAE; I reached out to UAQ Free Zone through its Business Development Executive, and trust me, my firm was formed in a matter of days.

UAQ FTZ – their service is personal, and they help beyond what words can explain. The management is also very supportive and transparent about what they are and are not permitted to do. So far my experience with UAQ FTZ has been incredible, and I would always encourage everyone to visit UAQ FTZ to experience true hospitality.

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