UAE launches the "UAE Maritime Network" to attract more investors to the maritime sector



More than 27,000 marine businesses operate in the UAE, a key player in international seaborne trade. Due to its advantageous geographic position, the nation is now a major marine economic center for the Gcc, East Africa, and the Indian subcontinent.

On September 29, 2022, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI) announced the launch of the "UAE Maritime Network" initiative, which intends to support international maritime organizations and promote the UAE as a major marine hub and an excellent place for maritime investments.

The initiative supports the ministry's initiatives to strengthen the standing of the UAE's maritime industry globally. In addition to being a significant contributor to the Projects of the 50, the Maritime Network initiative helps MOEI achieve its goal of fostering the growth of non-oil economic sectors. The Maritime Network will act as a single portal with a centralized database for maritime businesses in the area and around the world. The government and business sectors will be brought together at events, conferences, and panel discussions to debate ideas that will enhance the industry and aid in developing marine policy for the next 50 years.

The Ministry will create an information network made up of numerous regional and international marine organizations in order to start the initiative. This will serve as a platform for the announcement of events and the launch of various initiatives. It will also serve as a knowledge hub for global maritime stakeholders to learn more about business prospects in the marine sector in the UAE.

H.E. Eng. Hassan Mohammed Juma Al Mansouri, Undersecretary for Infrastructure and Transport Affairs at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure said: “We will unify the UAE’s maritime sector by launching this initiative, which will integrate the capabilities of the various entities and organizations in the sector. The Network will enhance its performance by bringing together the competencies and experiences of professionals and experts working in these companies, many of whom are world-class experts. This will build a massive think tank and a common platform for maritime companies in the nation to create new opportunities for investments in the sector.”

H.E. Eng. Hessa Al Malek, Advisor to the Minister for Maritime Transport Affairs, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure said: “The strategy of moving towards a blue economy in the UAE is based on several pillars, including innovation, creativity, research, and development, as well as strong connections with regional and global maritime companies. The Maritime Network will unify the sector in the UAE and will support the growth of the industry in the nation through a comprehensive government system. The UAE houses the headquarters of many international maritime companies. We seek to create an inclusive platform at the national level that includes all the influential players in the maritime sector to enhance our capabilities and catalyze the development of the industry globally.”

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