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The UAE has implemented its most comprehensive set of residential visa and entry reforms, which will be advantageous to residents, tourists, and job seekers. On October 4, the Advanced Visa System went into effect. With this move, the UAE is enhancing its attractiveness by modernizing and expanding its residency and entry visa options in line with enhancing its competitiveness on the global stage in attracting investors, and entrepreneurs, and enhancing its position as a top tourist destination in the region and the world.

Longer tourist visits visas, an expanded Golden Visa program, and simpler procedures are just a few of the new system's changes.

Multi-Entry Visa

All visit visas will now provide visitors with a 60-day stay in the UAE, an increase from the previous 30 days.

A sponsor for a tourist visa with a five-year, multiple-entry is not required. Under this, the tourist visa enables visitors to stay in the nation for up to 90 consecutive days. It is possible to extend the stay as long as it doesn't exceed 180 days in one year.

This visa requires proof of having a bank balance of $4,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies for six months before applying.

The 60-day validity of entrance visas is another significant change. It was only 30 days the previous.


Residence Visa

New rules initiated by Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) in regard to the UAE Residence Visa validity period. the Residence Visa validity will be for a period of 2 years only instead of 3 years. The Three-Year visa is no longer applicable to Free Zones. Hence, with effect from 3rd October 2022, all visas will be for 2 years. The above will be suitable for all new as well as renewals of Visas for both Investors and Employees. 

Residency Visa Rules for Children Sponsored by Parents:

The new visa rules in October will allow parents living in the UAE to sponsor their sons at university in UAE up to the age of 25.

Previously, parents could sponsor their sons up to the age of 18 and then renew the visa for another three years, provided their sons were studying at a university.

Unmarried daughters and disabled children are granted a residency permit regardless of their age.

Job Seeker Visa

A job seeker visa won't need a sponsor or host. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization's first, second, or third skill level and graduates from the world's top 500 colleges will be eligible for the employment exploration visa. A bachelor's degree or its equivalent should be the required level of education.

According to experts, the new job seeker visa will make the UAE a more desirable place to live, work, and invest by attracting more talent to the region.

Business Entry Visa

A single-entry visa could be obtained for a period of 60, 90, or 120 days. It encourages investors and entrepreneurs to study business and investment prospects in the UAE without the need for a sponsor or host.

A Golden Visa is available to investors who purchase a property for at least Dh2 million, even with a loan from “selected local banks.”

Golden Visa

The advanced visa system offers new benefits to golden visa holders, which include the visa remaining valid regardless of the time the holder spends outside the UAE, and the abolition of the maximum number of sponsored domestic workers. More professionals can now qualify for long-term residency under recently implemented changes, with the minimum monthly wage requirement decreasing from Dh50,000 to Dh30,000.

Medicine, science and engineering, information technology, business and management, education, law, culture, and social sciences are among the disciplines.

There are other benefits for family members that allow them to stay in the UAE in the event of the death of the original holder of the Golden Residence until the end of their permit duration.


Green Visa

For a period of five years, a holder of a green visa can sponsor family members for residency. They do not require the sponsorship of an employer or an individual from the UAE.

Now, people with green visas can sponsor their spouses, kids, and first-degree relatives for the duration of their residency. Up until the age of 25, parents can sponsor male children (up from the previous 18). Sponsoring unmarried daughters has no age restriction.

1. Freelancers/self-employed people
Freelancers and self-employed people who wish to apply for a Green visa need to submit the following:

  • a freelance/self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  • proof of a bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma
  • evidence of annual income from self-employment for the previous two years for an amount not less than AED 360,000, or prove financial solvency throughout their stay in the UAE.


2. Skilled employees
To apply for a Green visa, skilled employees must:

  • have a valid employment contract
  • be classified in the first, second, or third occupational level as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  • hold a minimum bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • •have a salary of not less than AED 15,000.

UAE’s new entry permit to visit relatives or friends

According to the most recent amendment, a visitor may apply for this entry permit if they are a friend or relative of a citizen or resident of the UAE. No host or sponsor is required.

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