UAQ Free Trade Zone introduces new activities

UAQ Free Trade Zone introduces new activities



UAE is currently undergoing a transformation to become a hub of cutting-edge digital technologies including the Metaverse, blockchain, and NFTs.

To draw in FDI, increase competitiveness, and accelerate growth, UAQ FREE TRADE ZONE carries out a number of initiatives. Our comprehensive strategies encourage technology-driven trade and attract innovative enterprises to the UAE.

UAQ FTZ permits all kinds of legal business activities to support you in operating any business of your choice and also provides the necessary activities to thrive in today's increasingly digital business environment, encouraging digital transformations and empowering entrepreneurs of businesses across the country and wider region.

In the world of advanced technologies, the Metaverse is the newest buzzword and is seen as the future of digital enterprises.

Many new challenges and opportunities may arise while setting up a metaverse, including how to operate and how to register a metaverse company in the UAE.

UAQ FTZ assists a lot of startups and enterprises to expand smoothly.

Metaverse Services Provider

This license is available to individuals, businesses, investors, or organizations involved in the creation ,hosting of digital virtual environments and includes businesses that operate in a variety of industries, such as gaming, decentralized hosting, business industry and many more. Such firms are not permitted to issue tokens which are traded on exchanges or in crypto commodities.

With its ability to facilitate quick, secure transactions, blockchain technology is a new powerful tool that is already influencing the future of the Internet.

In order to improve government operations and adopt conventional technologies that strengthen the UAE's position as a global leader, the government has incorporated blockchain technology in its transactions.

Blockchain Consulting

Businesses and organizations are seeking methods to get a head start on a technology that promises substantial opportunities as ledger technology continues to develop.

Blockchain consulting is still on the rise as a result of the increased demand for professional advice.UAQ FTZ aims to be the home of a large system designed for entrepreneurs in the fields of blockchain technology.

Distributed Ledger Technology Services

refers to companies that offer database management solutions and support facilities based on distributed ledger technologies, such as blockchain, such firms are not permitted to trade in, or set up an exchange for currencies or cryptocurrencies or commodities or provide any financial services, whether brokerage or payment processing.

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