Umm Al Quwain's Business Paradise: Introducing 'License & Leisure

Umm Al Quwain's Business Paradise: Introducing 'License & Leisure


Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone proudly introduces 'License & Leisure,' a groundbreaking initiative uniting business and leisure in this thriving emirate. Esteemed clients of Umm Al Quwain's top hotels and resorts can now avail of an exclusive 10% discount on any business license package offered by UAQ Free Trade Zone (UAQFTZ). Moreover, irresistible discounts on staycations await at the finest resorts and hotels in UAQFTZ, including Vida Hotel and Resorts, Pearl Hotel, Barracuda, and more.

UAQ Free Trade Zone stands tall as one of the premier free zones in the UAE, known for its strategic location and seamless facilitation of business ventures. As 'License & Leisure' takes flight, UAQFTZ continues to be a cornerstone in fostering entrepreneurial growth and providing world-class support to businesses.

The excitement surrounding Umm Al Quwain's transformation into a vibrant hub for both tourism and entrepreneurship is palpable. Through 'License & Leisure' and our strategic alliances with the emirate's premier hotels and resorts, we aim to seamlessly merge business and leisure, offering invaluable support to budding entrepreneurs and enriching the overall tourism experience for all visitors.

Our dedication to elevating Umm Al Quwain as a premier destination for business and leisure remains unwavering. This exceptional fusion of opportunities and unforgettable experiences promises to benefit entrepreneurs and enrich the stay of every visitor.

Looking ahead, we anticipate Umm Al Quwain continuing to flourish as a place where dreams are realized, and where every guest can revel in the beauty of our Business Paradise. Together, we are paving the way for a future filled with economic growth, entrepreneurial spirit, and remarkable experiences for all who join us on this journey.

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