UAE to become the global hub for coders and digital economy

UAE to become the global hub for coders and digital economy

UAE to become the global hub for coders and digital economy

The UAE government has established a 'Coders HQ' to support local and global coding communities in partnership with more than 40 tech companies, government, semi-government private and academic entities, including Meta, Majid Al Futtaim Holding, Microsoft, IBM, ADNOC, Yallo Group, Le Wagon and DP World, the new Emirates Towers, following the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai.

It is part of the National Program for Coders, in the presence of Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Telework Applications, and representative of the project’s partners and it includes an events space, a supercomputer, and multiple workspaces to help coders with their work. Coders HQ embodies the UAE's vision of preparing a new generation of coders as a key driver for shaping the future and harnessing the new, fast-growing digital economy, thus achieving the leadership’s vision and the 10 principles for the next 50 years, namely consolidating the position of the UAE as a global hub for talents, startups, and innovators. This project also helps in creating innovative solutions to future challenges, to foster the coder’s skills in the fields of coding and technology identifying new opportunities to build a competitive knowledge-based economy, and providing them with the opportunity to design innovative solutions to address local and global challenges. Six Coders HQs are to be inaugurated around the UAE.

The project is split into nine main initiatives.

  • HQ learn: Provides practical training courses in many coding disciplines to coders of various levels.
  • HQ Conference: Attract the UAE to a mega-international coding conference.
  • HQ Challenge: Share private-sector challenges with awards for the winners.
  • HQ Rating: Provides a means of evaluating a coder's abilities and performance.
  • HQ Meet-Up: Dedicated to the growth and development of software communities across all disciplines.
  • HQ Internship: Providing training opportunities for Emirati graduates in digital companies,
  • HQ Hackathon: In collaboration with the private sector, held a series of short hackathons with rewards for the winners.
  • HQ021 - A cooperative effort with the United Arab Emirates National Reserve (UAENSR) to develop the skill of national service coders and enable them to reach the world level.
  • Inspire HQ- Hold a series of fascinating meetings with CEOs and technical influencers.

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